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Welcome to my home page

Hi, my name is Mary Roach, and you’ve reached my home page. No, I’m not the famous and very funny author (her website is here:, but I am famous within my own circle of friends, and some of them even think I’m funny. And I have authored some technical articles, but they’re way too boring to list here (not to mention you could hurt your brain reading the one that’s most widely requested: "Repeating TableHeaders in a FlowDocument". See, even the title is off-putting. Personally, I won't read it.

Right now, I'm working on upgrading this website from about 12 years ago, so you can have extra fun traipsing back and forth between the old and the new. Lucky you!

One of my interests is that I consider myself an advocate for hydrocephalus (or, more precisely: 'more research into ...' and 'helping people who suffer from ...'), so you can click on the hydro button above for more information about that (or down below, if you're reading this on a smart phone).

I’m also interested in Human Resources (aka Personnel) and I worked in the field, mostly indirectly, most of my working life. I started out as a library assistant in the Special Collections division (Georgetown University library) as a “curator” of the Robert F. Wagner, Sr. papers. He’s the senator that authored all the New Deal employment-related legislation we all know and love (Social Security, National Labor Relations Act, etc.). If you’ve ever read Working by Studs Turkel, you’ll understand why one of my first questions is usually “What do you do?” How you spend your day all day, how you feel about it, and how you solve the problems is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting things to know about most people. That’s why I got my Master’s in Employment Policy at The George Washington University.

My other big interest (you may have already guessed) is computers. I’ve been working on computers since the mainframe days. Not the punch card days but after that (although I did accidentally get a stack one day when I misplaced a comma in my JCL). I got my first personal computer in 1982 – an Osborne “transportable”. I got the transportable because I lived in a tiny efficiency at the time and I was working on my master’s, and I needed to be able to get it out of the way. The company went bankrupt shortly after I bought it, so I had to learn a lot of things in lieu of the help you would normally get from technical support.

I’m actually more interested in the “applications” end of computers rather than the “systems” side of the house, so, no, I’m not one of those super-geeks that understands the internals of the Windows operating system. I’m a big advocate of using computer technology to solve problems, and I’m particularly interested right now in helping seniors get more comfortable with them. In my post-retirement, I’ve developed a few things you may be interested in (or not), see my goodies page for that. I’ve also done some how-to videos, which are on my other website (, with more to come. Suggestions are highly desirable.

Enjoy your visit!